Molecular Biology

The Department of Molecular Biology (DBM) has the objective to form researchers, specialists and technicians in molecular biology that indicates basic knowledge, are able to troubleshoot the public, private and social development [+]

Environmental Sciences

To Promote cutting- edge scientific research and technological development , original and multidisciplinary field of Environmental Sciences. Generates and transfers knowledge led to the conservation, regeneration and sustainable use of natural resources. [+]

Applied Geosciences

The Applied Geoscience Department conducts research on basic and applied problems of water in the aspects of climate and water quantity and quality of surface water and groundwater. [+]

Applied Mathematics

The aim of the Department of Applied Mathematics is to mathematically model physical systems that describe dynamic behavior and/or intrinsic characteristics[+]

Advanced Materials

At the IPICYT’s Advanced Materials Department theoretical and experimental research into new materials such as nanostructured and organic materials for application in organic electronics is conducted[+]

National Laboratories

National Supercomputing Center

National Biotechnology, Agricultural and Medical Laboratory

National Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Laboratory